E-mail Hosting with mmpEMAIL Pro


We provide you with full control over all the mail server resources. You mail server runs under your own domain, including the Web based mail server administration application and the Webmail system. The Mail server administration allows creating, modifying and deleting mailboxes at any time. The server includes a powerful spam filter and virus scanner. The Webmail system offers complete mobility and can act as a replacement for any desktop mail software.

Features mmpEMAIL Pro  
Disk space (quota) per domain 3 GB
Free traffic volume (per month) 10 GB
POP3 email accounts 5
Email forward accounts (aliases) 10
Web based mail server administration
Users can change their passwords
Out-of-Office notification (vacation)
Mail Robot (Autoresponder)
Webmail system
Email virus scanner
Spam filter
IMAP protocol support
Your own SMTP server to send email
Native SMTP authentication support
Address books (personal & shared)
Calendars (personal & shared)
Meeting organizer
Support of multi-languages (DE, EN, FR,...)
Support for mobile devices
Daily backups
Email support