Our web development

We can support you in all phases of your web project.

  • Content and Graphic
    • Definition of an information tree

      The content of a web server needs to be separated into smaller information units to ease the perception of the user. For the web, these units will be organised in a hierarchical tree. The information tree documents the different units and their relationship to each other. The tree ensures that errors in the information structure will be detected during the design phase of the server. Each information unit corresponds to a web page or a chapter.
    • Definition of a page layout

      A consistent user interface enables the visitor to find information in a fast and efficient way. It needs to be attractive and professional at the same time. This can only be guaranteed by elaborating guidelines, which define the generic layout of all pages of a web server. These guidelines must respect the corporate identity of your company.
We offer the definition of the page layout via one of our local graphical partners. Of course we will also be happy to work with the graphic agency of your choice.
    • Content creation

      Nobody knows your business better than you. In case you need support for the creation of content in text, image, photo, sound or video, we can offer professional support for the creation of content.
  • Developing your Web application
    • Client side application development via JavaScript / AJAX

      We offer programming on the client side for an improved Web 2.0 user experience. JavaScript enables you to create more interactive and more intelligent Web pages.
    • Server side application development via mmpBusiness

      We offer web development on the server side using the mmpBusiness development platform. This platform offers a rich set of pre-coded functions used by most web servers. We build on this proven and stable platform to implement your customised application.
  • Using pre-build Web applications
    • Content Management

      Our CMS solution, named mmpCMS, enables you to create, update and delete web pages and folders without any knowledge of web authoring or the help of external companies. mmpCMS presents an extremely powerful solution while still focussing on the ease-of-use.
  • Hosting and Maintenance
    • Shared Hosting

      Our servers offer you a reliable and secure environment for hosting your Web application..
    • Dedicated Hosting

      If you want to create a Web solution, which requires a large quantity of memory, disk space or calculation power, we can set-up your dedicated server machine. This machine can be hosted in an Internet or Intranet environment.
  • We love Standards

      The creation of Web pages is based of the HTML Standard, as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium. By applying this standard, magic moving pixel guarantees, that the web pages will be displayed best on all browsers using this standard. HTML Coding, which is browser specific, will be done only on customer request.
    • WAI

      We are strongly committed to the Web Accessibility Initiative standard. By following this guideline, we guarantee, that your Web server can be used by a maximum of users, even those with disabilities, e.g. visual disabled people. As a side effect, your web site will be optimised for search engines, which will lead to a higher ranking, e.g. in Google.

Target audience

Our Web development services address everybody wishing to create a professional and attractive Web presence. If the server should offer just a few pages or a complex Web application using product databases with shopping functionality, we can offer you a solution. Our team will be happy to listen to your requirements.