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Development with Perl

Perl is the most used programming language for Web applications. The advantages of this programming language are obvious:

  • Perl is a stable, platform independent programming language (Unix, Win32, Mac OS X, ...)
  • Perl is used for critical applications in the public and private sector.
  • Perl is an open source software, distributed under the GNU General Public License.
  • Perl offers the best of other programming languages.
  • Perl integrates perfectly with different database products via the platform- and manufacturer independent DBI Interface, e.g. with Oracle, SyBase, PostgreSQL, mySQL, etc.
  • Perl can handle HTML, XML, PDF and many other document formats.
  • Perl can be used with algorithmic and object-oriented programming.
  • Perl offers powerful interfaces to the Apache HTTP server via CGI and mod_perl
  • Perl is flexible and can be expanded. More than 500 free modules are available via the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).
  • and ... and ... and ...
Logo: the Perl Camel
The Perl Camel

Customised training

According to your requirements, we can adapt the training schedule. If you need to focus on database programming or regular expressions, if you want to do Web programming with CGI or mod_perl, we can adapt to your needs.

Our customers and we trust the power of Perl since many years ... and when will you start to take advantage of Perl?

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