Content Management made in Luxembourg: mmpCMS

mmpCMS is the content management solution build with mmpBusiness III. The mmpCMS enables you to maintain Web pages without any knowledge of HTML or Web authoring. Web pages can be inserted, modified, and deleted. Every page uses one of the predefined layout templates, which can easily be filled with your content. This methodology protects the Corporate Identity of the complete server. Multi-lingual Web sites are supported.

A typical update procedure

  • Starting the web browser (Windows, Mac OS X, or Unix / Mozilla Firefox 3+, IE 7+, Safari 3+)
  • Logging into an administration page with user name and password
  • The administration offers functionality to create, modify, move, copy or delete web pages and folders. The user selects for example the function "modify page".
  • The page to be edited will be shown in a separate window or window tab. The user can add, modify or delete all texts, images, or file downloads (e.g. PDF).
  • Once an edit procedure is finished the new data will be transferred to the Web server and the page will be updated.
  • The user may preview an updated page prior to publishing. If the user is satisfied by the result, he may publish one or more Web pages.
  • Once a page is published, it is visible on the public Web server.

After an initial configuration phase, you can maintain the content of all Web pages yourself. During the configuration phase page layouts will be created, which can be used to create pages to be filled with information. This reduces maintenance costs.

In case you decide to modify the layout of the Web server at a later date, only the layouts need to be modified. Following this strategy hundreds of Web pages can be modified in a few minutes.

Image: Administration Interface
Screenshot Administration Interface


  • Generic data node philosophy
    • Every information is a node. A node can be a folder, a page, a text, an image, a file download, a data item, a permission, ...
    • All nodes are organised in a tree.
    • All nodes can be created, modified, copied, moved, or deleted.
  • Multi-language Support
    • The CMS Web administration offers its interface in three languages: english, french and german.
    • The content of Web site can be offered in multiple languages.
    • UTF-8 Unicode support for non US and non european characters.

Target audience

mmpCMS addresses any user wishing to update his web server. 
Please note: mmpCMS requires the mmpBusiness III environment running on the server machine. Therefore the Web server must be hosted on a dedicated machine or on a machine of magic moving pixel.

Image: WYSIWYG editor
WYSIWYG text editor and link dialogue box