Our development platform: mmpBusiness III

mmpBusiness III is a development and runtime environment, which is primary used to develop Web applications. The main design directive is the separation of customer specific code from generic code. Following this strategy the generic code base grew more and more during hundreds of projects, confirming the reusability of the generic code base.
The mmpBusiness III environment is installed once on a server machine and can be used by multiple virtual web servers. The software is running on Linux and Mac OS X machines.
The basic objectives are:

  • Implement a set of functionalities common to most Web applications.
  • Create an architecture, which permits isolating customer specific - from generic program code.
  • Separate content, layout and program code.
  • Combine function groups in processes, which can be shared between different applications. Each process is an application of its own, named a mmpBusiness service. Each service communicates with other services via an inter-process communication protocol via Apache Web services.
  • Allow simple load balancing by installing mmpBusiness services on different machines in the network.
  • Allow multiple data formats to be created dynamically, e.g. HTML, XML, PDF, text and graphics.
  • Allow the greatest possible flexibility to interface to other systems, e.g. databases, mail servers, external servers, etc.
  • Create bullet-proof secure Web applications combined with an extremely flexible access right management.
  • Strong support for multi-language sites.
  • 100% Unicode (UTF-8) support for non US and non European character codes

Mastering mmpBusiness III with all its features, can be a complex task. Therefore mmpBusiness III follows the Perl approach: "Easy things should be easy, while difficult things should be possible".

Preinstalled applications

  • mmpAdmin
    mmpAdmin is our user interface for managing multiple virtual servers on a single server machine.
  • mmpAccess
    mmpAccess offers a default interface to define users and groups of users. The interface serves as base functionality to define access rights on your data.
  • mmpCMS

    mmpCMS is our Content Management System build with mmpBusiness III. More information here...

Target audience

mmpBusiness III addresses experienced web developers and service providers. Developing web applications with mmpBusiness requires knowledge about HTML, JavaScript, and basic programming know how.